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Artistry Refined: Elevate Your Look with Our Exquisite Strass and

Pearl Adorned Art Necklace


Upgrade Your Style: Introducing Our Exquisite Art Necklace Embellished with Strass and Pearls. Meticulously Crafted, this Original Art Pendant Showcases Unparalleled Craftsmanship. Featuring a Stainless Steel Little Thangs Logo Hanger, It's a Perfect Fusion of Sophistication and Artistry.

Money Muppet Turquoise

SKU: AC.NE.0001.01.MU.TU.22
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  • Buying handmade products must be a conscious act: it means to choose products made by hand processes, which aren’t industrial or mass-produced. It means to buy items that are going to be unique. Uniqueness, originality and attention to detail make every product different from others, no two are exactly the same.

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