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LT Guardian Collection: Stainless Steel Lucky Charm Necklace


Embrace protective grace and timeless style with Little Thang$'s Stainless Steel Lucky Charm Necklace. Whether for spiritual significance or beauty appreciation, it symbolizes grace and luck beyond styles and beliefs.

Guardians Front and Back: This necklace isn't just jewelry; it's a guardian from front to back. Featuring angel and saint pendants, it signifies protection and embraces wearers with spiritual grace.

LT Logo Pendant: Securing the necklace, an LT logo pendant adds sophistication and unity to this meaningful accessory.

Text from Front to Back: Engraved with "Front to Back," it symbolizes complete protection, ensuring wearers are embraced by divine energy from all angles.

Timeless Style: With a design transcending trends, this necklace remains timeless, suitable for believers and non-believers alike.

Lucky Charm Necklace: More than an accessory, it's a lucky charm adding grace and style to every outfit.

Wear with confidence, knowing you're protected, and this necklace will always be in vogue.

Little Thangs Guardian Necklace

SKU: ST.001.NCK.04.001
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  • Welcome to Little Thang$: Celebrating Luxury Artistry and Slow Consumism

    Step into the world of LT, where life's simple pleasures are cherished, and every piece tells a unique story. Founded by artist GiusyGiu$z, our brand stands as a testament to originality, luxury, and the spirit of the slow consumer.

    Crafting Timeless Art: At LT, we redefine jewelry as wearable mini artworks, meticulously handcrafted with a blend of precious keramiek or clay, enriched with precious metals and gemstones. Our creations capture the beauty of life's subtle nuances, offering a delicate balance of fragility and resilience.

    Embracing Slow Consumism: We value the essence of slow consumism, encouraging a preference for unique items that transcend seasons. Our commitment is reflected in the limited selection we offer, ensuring each piece remains exclusive. Moreover, we prioritize the use of recycled materials in our packaging, aligning with our dedication to sustainable practices.

    For the Original and Luxury Taste: LT is designed for the original and luxury taste woman—the slow consumer who appreciates the extraordinary. Our jewelry mirrors the distinctive charm of its wearer, embracing beautiful imperfections that celebrate individuality and authenticity.

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